Pickled red onion

One of the easiest things to make but I don’t really think a lot of people actually pickle their own onion, or even eats is at all. At least I didn’t until I once had it on a veggie burger on a restaurant and after that I started making it myself. Before you get to the recipe, read here what I eat on and with:)

  • I really like pickled onion on my burger. Occasionally I have halloumi burgers and to put pickled onion on that is really good. If you’re not vegan, please try!
  • I also always have it on my poke bowls, or whatever bowl I’m making. It really fits in all types of cuisine, from asian to american.
  • On tacos is also really good! Especially on those little mini tacos with some vegan pulled pork and sour cream… yum.
  • Avocado toast, great combination really makes the toast look 10x times more luxurious;)

You can probaly find more ways to eat it, but these are the ways I’ve tried.

pickled red onion

Now to how you make it!

Pickled red onion