vegan iced almond coffee latte

I started liking coffee not that long ago, or I don’t even know if I can say that I like coffee that much, because I never drink black coffee. But as soon as you add milk to it I love it, vegan milk of course.

I have two go-to vegan coffee drinks I make every day. Multiple ones per day. One is hot and one is iced. –

For the vegan iced coffee you’ll need

iced vegan oat almond coffee latte recipe how to best

Very easy, just almost fill a glass with milk, pour in the shot of espresso, put in as much agave you like and add the ice. I like to add a sprinkle of salt, it really brings out the flavor. Also the order you add the ingredients don’t matter, the only thing i don’t do is add the hot coffee to the ice, cause it can melt the ice if you don’t add the milk fast enough.

And for my vegan Caffe Latte this if what I use:

vegan latte cappuccino oat almond latte recipe how to pumpkin spice

For this you either need a coffee machine a milk attachment, a milk foamer or just heat up the milk and whisk it a little bit.

I usually use a milk foamer from nespresso that also heats the milk. Then i just add the milk to the coffee and agave syrup (or whatever you choose to use) then i top it with cinnamon.-

Must have in my kitchen:

Some people like fancy brewed coffee, i don’t. I like espresso machines… So i thought i would shove the things i need to make my coffee. And keep in mind, i don’t have all of these at my house but these are the things i’ve tried and prefer to use.

Nespresso – Essenza Mini Espresso

This is the one we have at home. It’s about $100 on Amazon so compared to other nespresso machine i thinks this one fairly cheap. Definitely worth it’s price though. i’ve tried many coffee machines and nespressos ones are no doubt my favorites.

Milk Frother’s

We have the old nespresso one that works great but that you can’t get anymore. So I will link their new one that is probably even better. It’s kinda expensive though so I will link a cheaper alternative too. These are the electric one’s that also heats the milk. But if you wanna save money, heat the milk up first and use one of these to foam it.

best milk skimmer foamer whisk milk frother nespresso
NESPRESSO $99.00 $68.74
best milk skimmer foamer whisk milk frother nespresso cheap under 50