best plant based milk vegan

I haven’t drunk cow milk for years now so I’ve definitely tried a lot a diffrent types of vegan milk alternative. I just to love cow milk and drank it everyday before so shifting to plant based was kinda hard. I will list the milks I buy now and tell you what i use them for.

OATLY! – Barista Edition

oatly oat drink barista blend vegan plant based milk best

This is the one I always have in my fridge. It’s a barista blend so it thicker than normal oat milk. You can foam it and make coffee art with it! I also use it in cooking instead of cream sometimes. You can defiantly drink this just as it is, it’s really good I promise. If you just gonna have one plant based milk, go for this one because you can you is for everything.

CALIFIA FARMS – Vanilla Almond Milk

califia vanilla almond milk best vegan plant based milks

I looooove this brand! (Maybe because of the bottle) They have a lot of different plant based milk but the vanilla one is my go to, the also have one that is unsweetened. They also has yogurts and cold brew! I’ve haven’t tried a lot of califas products cause they don’t have them where I live… I will try to get my hands on them though couse the have a lot of things I really wanna try, their creamers etc. If you have a favorite califia product, please comment!

ALPRO – Roasted Almond Milk

alpro almond milk vegan plant based milk best

This was the first plant based milk that I liked and could drink straight from a glas. It’s sweet but still low in calories if you care about that. I don’t but before I drank one if these bottles a day so I guess it’s good they’re not loaded in cals.