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If you know someone that loves spending time in the kitchen you should definitely get them someone from this list. They don’t have to be professionals chefs to appreciate these gifts. I myself am just a person who loves cooking and I would be ecstatic to receive one of these gifts this Christmas.

1. A good knife

A must-have for everyone! But someone you might not just buy for yourself. When gifting someone a knife you should probably go for a chef’s knife because it’s so diverse, or a set if you wanna splurge. Global has some of the best knives out there, they’re a little bit pricey but they will last forever and the quality it’s amazing.

Here’s the Global chef’s knife and a set from global. The chef’s knife used to be $159 but now it’s $79.94 and the set is $179.95, originally $299. Both are great deals.

best knife gift guide vegan blog cooks food
Global Chefs Knife $79.94
best knife gift guide vegan blog cooks food
Global Set $179.95

2. Magic Bullet Mixer

Another must-have is a mixer but the big clumsy ones are not convenient when you wanna fast mix up a smoothie or when you’re making sauces. I make a lot of my sauces on mine, and it makes them super smooth.

Get one here!

They’re not as expensive either, only $25.59!

3. A cooking book

This is something you can give to someone who already loves cooking or someone who really can’t cook. Maybe don’t give it to some who don’t like to cook though…

As this is a vegan blog I will list some vegan cooking books that I recommend.

Vegan Recipes in 30 Minutes

Perfect for those who don’t have too much time to cook. Recipes in 30 minutes and under. 106 quick and easy recipes!

Get it here for  $9.49

vegan cooking book vegan gift guide

The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

If they have an instant pot, I think they will find this book really fun! More than 90 recipes and amazing photos.

Get it here for $14.99

4. Customized engraved cutting board

Isn’t this the perfect gift? I think it is!

Getting something with your name engraved on always feels extra special. So for a home chef, a cutting board seems like a perfect thing, you can also engrave spoons and more!

Chose between a bunch of different styles. They cost only around $20-40.

Get them here!

5. Kitchen aid

I’ve been dreaming about a kitchen forever now, still, don’t have one though… But if you wanna buy a really nice gift for someone, this is it! They are so beautiful and can be used for so many things. Make sure to get it in their favorite color too!

Get it here for $279

kitchen aid gift guide

That was it for the gift guide!

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