Vegan restaurant guide - Los Angeles

That actually tastes good, not just to be photo-friendly. Let’s stop going out to eat just to take photos and post them on Instagram. If you want really good food you shouldn’t go where they influencers eat. I’m planning on making a few of these guides but I will start with Los Angeles. Keep reading to find out where to find the best vegan food in Los Angeles.


A japanize organic and natural restaurant that is located in both downtown and Culver City. Perfect for a dinner date or a weekend brunch. Maybe not the most luxurious interior but super cozy and perfect for vegans.

Vegan restaurant guide - Los Angeles

Yelp review:

“Shojin is a super cool place that pays attention to all your dietary needs! I love the hip ambiance and how you walk through curtains to a mood setting dining area. Was completely thrown off by it, but thought it was super neat. It’s a dining experience you wouldn’t expect! My bf and I loved it! For first time diners, they recommend trying the tasting menu and we were surprisingly full. All dishes are made from scratch, all gluten and nut free! No preservatives, artificial coloring or chemical seasoning which is why we were highly impressed that the food quality was amazing! As I pay attention to what I eat and how I feel, I appreciate the quality that Shojin offers. This is a great place to go for a dinner date! All dishes were quite flavorful and filling. Great service, all were friendly and personable. They took the time to explain every dish that came out and ingredients in there. I can tell they take pride in what they offer. Great dining experience, thanks Shojin!”

– Vy H.

The Grain Cafe

Natural, organic and vegan cafe located in Mid-city. They offer a huge variety of foods, from pizza to enchiladas you will find something you like here. On their website, they write “Our goal is to share our unique flavors and spices with you that have been cultivated by family traditions“. And that is really what you get, unique meals that are also vegan and delicious!

Vegan restaurant guide - Los Angeles

Yelp review:

“Omg I LOVE this place!!!!!!!! Can’t go wrong with a combination of ALL vegan, organic, reasonably priced, and DELICIOUS food that comes with HUGE servings and  also the SWEEETESTT waiters EVER!!!!!!! Was too full to have desert but I also appreciate the variable options of vegan desserts/cakes/pastries. Sosososo goood!!!! I also love that you can make most of the items GF too!!!!!! Definitely one of the best vegan places in LA where your buck will go a long way!! Thank you!!!!!”

– Anna A.

Veggie House

Vegan and vegetarian Thai food restaurant that serves fresh veggies in every dish. A place to bring a non-vegan as their flavors are amazing and you will probably like it more than any other Thai dish you’ve eaten. Located in Hollywood Hills.

Vegan restaurant guide - Los Angeles

Yelp review:

“Oh my goodness I found the best thai restaurant in the states! This restaurant is 100 out of 10! Staff are very nice and friendly. Food is amazing! It’s even better than regular thai restaurant!!! Non vegan people will love here too! Price is amazingly reasonable. They have private parking lot behind the building.

Overall, this restaurant is the best!

I will definitely come back!”

– Pureum S.

Au Lac

This is more of an upscale restaurant located in Downtown. The food is Vietnamese and everything on the menu is vegan! cool huh? so when it’s says shrimp, its vegan shrimp.

Vegan restaurant guide - Los Angeles

Yelp review:

“Be prepared to have your taste buds blown away from the amazing creations you can find at Au Lac. Keep in mind, I’m a meat-eater but always appreciate an amazing vegan meal. Au Lac is one of those places where I can totally do without the meat or poultry. Every dish is carefully crafted so you get the perfect flavor bomb in your mouth mixed with the balance of textures. We’ve been here several times now and have been able to try a good amount of dishes. Some of my favorites:
* Cheesy noodles – with kelp noodles
* Garlic noodles
* Curried rice – This.. is it. Highly recommend.
* Chinoise salad
* Raw lasagna”

– Cindy W.

That’s it! there’s is more vegan restaurants in LA that are defiantly worth trying. But I also want to recommend my favorite non-vegan restaurant: COAST , it’s next by Santa Monica pier and in the hotel Shutters on the beach if you know where that is. A little pricey but I’ve had some of my best meals at this place!

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