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spicy vodka rigatoni

Spicy Tomato Pasta With Garlic

This is such an easy pasta to make but has a lot of flavors, it is garlicky and spicy but still creamy and fresh. I wanted to make a spicy vodka rigatoni but I never have vodka at home so I made something similar but without the vodka, heavy cream, and cheese. Instead of the …

News Vegan

The Best New Vegan Products 2020

1. Ozo Meat Ozo is a new plant-based brand created by Plantera Food. They have launched 3 products, burgers, ground “beef” and Mexican seasoned ground. Their products are made with pea protein and are non-GMO. 2. Moocho Shredded Cheese Moocho shredded cheese is a plant-based cheese to have on pizza, toast, burgers, wherever you chose! …

vegan cardamom buns swedish easy
Bread Sweets/Desserts

Vegan Swedish Cardamom Buns

Cinnamon buns and cardamon buns are a Swedish classic and defiantly my favorite pastry. I’ve recently started to like cardamon more than the normal cinnamon ones. They’re normally not vegan but I switched some things for non-dairy products so us vegan can enjoy them to:-D The swirls are easier to make then you think, but …

vegan best new products 2020 july

Our Favorite New Vegan Products 2020

1.Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coconut Cream Lattes The Cold Brew Coconut Cream Lattes come in two flavors: Original and Caramel Spice. According to Trader Joe’s, the Original variety “offers classic cold brew flavor and creaminess” and Caramel Spice has added natural flavors “that give it an extra-tasty boost, including notes of caramel, cinnamon, and orange zest.” …