I visited Palma last year in September so I decided to make a guide or more like ratings for different restaurants and beach clubs.

But I think I did visit some of the best places in Palma so make sure you check out my guide.



palma guide

This beach club is beautiful and price worthy. It’s pretty big so it’s not super crowded. We were there in September and it was not many people there at all.

You walk down some stairs to get there and you walk into this oasis. The only downside is that you have to take a taxi here but its definitely worth it. You can choose from different areas in the beach club, from cheap to expensive. But the prices are really good and for nice chairs with big mattresses you will only pay about 20€.

I snorkeled here a lot which was very fun, the water is both claer and warm. I also found a cliff that you could jump from, I had really fun here as you can tell.

The restaurant

We ate lunch here at their restaurant, good food, and a nice view!

This is what we ate:

palma guide

Caprese, sushi and a salad. I ate the salad that was vegan, it’s was ok but the super tasteful. The sushi recommend though.

palma guide

I also drank a bloody mary here. which I regret because it was so spicy I almost couldn’t get it down.



This cute little restaurant is the perfect lunch spot. Its located in the middle of old town right on palma square.

palma guide

This is what we are here, dumpling, nachos, and bruschetta. Very good lunch for a good price!

Restaurante Diablito Food And Music

This restaurant is in Puerto Portals, a nice port with many restaurants. We were here for lunch because we were spending the day at the beach just next to the port. Honestly this place is nothing special, we had some pizza which was ok. But I recommend you visit this port (maybe at night?)and check out one of the other restaurants because it was a nice feeling here.

palma guide
palma guide
Spent about 30 minutes cuddling with this kitty…

La Perla – Can Barabara

okay, I have mixed opinions about the restaurant. The food – good, but nothing special. I would like some more vegetarian alternatives but the service was really good so they custom made some of the other dishes for us to make them vegetarian. I do recommend you get the one I got because that one was really good. The other ones I wasn’t a big fan of. I took the bosconero penne without the meat.

The location and aesthetic of the restaurant though was perfect. It’s like a little bay on the outskirts of Palma. The interior is also worth to mention., It luxurious and classy but also modern and cool.

palma guide la perla


I heard a lot about this restaurant before visiting so I had high expectations of this tapas restaurant located in Santa Catalina.I was actually very disappointed, we all were. We ordered the fried avocados, sweet potato fries, falafel, guacamole, pita with hummus and vegan tacos. This was all they had on their plant-based tapas menu so we tried it all. It sounds very different and fun so I thought that this might be a 5-star meal. But oh no… this did not live up to my expectations. The food was tasteless. No flavors and no species, I don’t think they salted anything and salt wasn’t even available on the table. The avocado was barely fried, the falafel had a weird taste to it, the salsa was likely just water… I can go on but to focus on the positive the tacos were pretty good!


I only got one photo fro the restaurant and that is on the spring rolls that I absolutely did not like. It might have the mint but I found them bitter and flavorless. The main thought was pretty good. It’s a Thai restaurant so I just hade a normal vegetarian red curry. Not a visit I will remember but if you want some good Thai food should try Isaan.’

thai restaurant palma


Bar Cuba

This rooftop bar is located in Santa Catalina. We had a pre-drink here before dinner at sunset to enjoy the view. Wasn’t really the best view though but it was a nice vibe here dso you should go anyway. You can also eat at the restaurant downstairs or if you wanna dance I think it turns into a club at night.

rooftop bar palma

Other things to do in Palma:

  • Visit the Casino. I love Poker and gambling so the casino was a must for me. Maybe not the best casino I’ve visited but it was OK and the drinks were cheap (they usually are at casinos though) we also got some free drinks voucher for our next visit.
  • Go shopping in the old town. This is where I made the most shopping. They also have a market there but I just walked through it, didn’t see if there was anything to have.
  • Visit the Mallorca Fashion Outlet if you wanna find some good deals on Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger, they only stores there I actually found something I wanted. So overall this isn’t a great outlet if you’re used to the American ones. But I have to give them credit for the exterior, I definitely felt like a was back in Cali. And if you do go here take the train from Palma, it takes just a few minutes. On their website, you can see instructions on how to get there.