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New Vegan “Dairy” Products 2020!

New vegan products it’s coming out more and more lately, and 2020 seems to be the year for us vegan! I’m so excited to try out these ones and I think yall will be too 🙂 1. Milkadamia new milk, creamer and butter Let’s start with Milkadamia’s new dairy-free milk, creamers, and buttery spread, yuuuum! …

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Marks & Spencer now sells Vegan Greek Yoghurt

The British grocery store now launches three flavors of vegan greek yogurt: Soya Greek Style Plain, Soya Greek Style Strawberry, and Soya Greek Style Peach & Passionfruit. All yogurts are filled with calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. And according to M&S, the single servings containers only contain 90 kcal and 5g of protein. Their …