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The Best New Vegan Products 2020

1. Ozo Meat Ozo is a new plant-based brand created by Plantera Food. They have launched 3 products, burgers, ground “beef” and Mexican seasoned ground. Their products are made with pea protein and are non-GMO. 2. Moocho Shredded Cheese Moocho shredded cheese is a plant-based cheese to have on pizza, toast, burgers, wherever you chose! …

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News Vegan

New Vegan “Dairy” Products 2020!

New vegan products it’s coming out more and more lately, and 2020 seems to be the year for us vegan! I’m so excited to try out these ones and I think yall will be too 🙂 1. Milkadamia new milk, creamer and butter Let’s start with Milkadamia’s new dairy-free milk, creamers, and buttery spread, yuuuum! …

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Världens Bästa Veganska Mac & Cheese

En enkel, billig och hälsosam middag som kommer bli älskad av alla! Letar ni efter en varm och ostig pasta rätt så är denna rätten perfekt för dig! Mac and cheese är en Amerikansk rätt som består av macaroner och ost. Den veganska variante är lika god men görs med cashew ost istället. Så den …